COVID-19 Ventilator Response

On March 27, 2020 Donald Trump invoked the Defense Production Act which allowed General Motors & Ventec Life Systems to join forces and mass-produce Ventecs innovative VOCSN PRO & V-PRO ventilators to aid hospitals in the fight against Coronavirus.

As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, Medinas has formed a partnership with KKM Healthcare to supply these Ventec Life Systems ventilators to hospital systems and clinics.


Medinas is pleased to offer TWO UNITS:



Simple, Portable, Care Changing


  • The VOCSN PRO, the first and only FDA cleared Multi-Function Ventilator designed for an ICU that’s Invasive, Non-Invasive, Mouthpiece, and High Flow Capability.
  • The V-PRO, manufactured in partnership with GM looks identical to the VOSCN PRO offering a single therapy with ventilation ONLY. It does have external oxygen, both high and low-pressure capability.


VOCSN and V-PRO meet the rigorous ISO international standard for safety and accuracy to qualify as a “critical care ventilator” and are FDA cleared.



This unit is a critical care ventilator that works from hospital-to-home for pediatric and adult patients and consolidates 5 different therapy forms into one machine:

    1. Ventilation: Critical care ventilator & high flow therapy
    2. Oxygen: 6 L/min oxygen concentrator
    3. Cough: Touch button cough assist
    4. Suction: Hospital-grade suction
    5. Nebulizer: High-performance nebulizer

PRICE: $21,600 for VOCSN Pro with rolling stand



(Looks Identical to VOCSN PRO) This unit is a critical care ventilator that offers Ventilation therapy ONLY designed for an ICU that’s Invasive, Non-Invasive, Mouthpiece, and High Flow Capability.

    • Ventilation can deliver all invasive & non-invasive therapies
  • Oxygen
    • Can delivery FiO2 from an external high-pressure source
    • Can delivery low pressure O2

PRICE: $19,090 for V-Pro with rolling stand (orders over 500 units are $18,090)



Important Purchasing Details

  • Accessories are sold separately
  • Estimated delivery time is July/August 2020
  • Prices are set by the manufacturer and are regulated by the Defense Production Act.
  • Orders are processed and manufactured in the order received with no special treatment. It is suggested you place one large order versus many smaller orders in order to ensure timely delivery.




Video Demonstration