An Environmental Opportunity

When hospitals leave equipment to gather dust in a store-room, facilities that could have used that equipment end up buying something new. 

When healthcare providers dispose of equipment that hasn’t reached the end of its useful life, they cause unnecessary landfill impact.

That’s why we adopted the environmental mission statement: “No asset left behind.

At Medinas, we are obsessed with making sure that hospitals never buy a piece of equipment they don’t need, and never forget about or dispose of a piece of equipment someone else could use. Because if we can make that happen, the environmental benefits are ENORMOUS. 

Every piece of equipment we can prevent from getting manufactured in the first place saves hundreds of gallons of water from being wasted, prevents dozens of kilograms of greenhouse gasses from entering the atmosphere, and avoids the unnecessary use of rare, irreplaceable natural resources.

Every pound of equipment we find a beneficial reuse for removes a pound of hazardous electronic waste from overstressed landfills. Which ensures that workers who manage electronic waste don’t have to deal with dangerous heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury, and that those heavy metals don’t inadvertently enter our soil and water supply. 

We Lead by Example 

At Medinas, we think that if you talk the talk, you should walk the walk. When it comes to our environmental mission, that means we don’t just try to make hospitals less wasteful, we also try to run our own business as environmentally sustainable as possible. There are countless ways we strive to reduce our environmental impact every day:

  • Everything from our shipping boxes to the packing materials have been sourced to be reusable and/or as green as possible;
  • We utilize a distributed warehouse network to minimize the number of miles equipment travels, thereby lowering our shipping carbon footprint;
  • Our offices all utilize low-flow toilets, LED lighting, and post-consumer product paper goods.
  • We never buy disposable when we can buy reusable. 
  • We never buy new when we can buy used.
  • We encourage all employees to telecommute and to use public transportation.
  • We even designed our software to be green, utilizing serverless architecture to avoid the need for dedicated, power-hungry servers. 

Even though we are a relatively new company, our sustainability efforts have been recognized by both the Green Business Bureau as a GBB Platinum business, their highest certification. We’re also nearing completion on our certification by the California Green Business Network, where we are in line to receive their coveted “Innovator” certification for our unique contribution to environmental sustainability. 

Core Environmental Values

Our Core environmental values reflect our mission to increase healthcare sustainability and our commitment to lead by example when it comes to the environment.

  • Reuse, Reuse, Reuse – That’s how Medinas makes a difference. We look for any possible reuse for a piece of equipment — Whether it’s a hospital’s MRI machine or our own company laptop — before we will consider recycling or disposing of it.
  • Take the Next Step – There is always another way that you can go green. That’s true for us, and true for our hospital partners. We’re always looking to become a more sustainable company. And we encourage our hospital partners to do the same — regardless of whether partnering with Medinas is the first step they’ve taken towards sustainability or the hundredth.
  • End Business as Usual – The healthcare industry is often late to embrace change. We hear all the time from partners that they don’t necessarily like the way they do things, but they’re just the way they’ve always done them. It’s not great for business, and its not great for the environment. That ends now.