Lowering Hospital Environmental Impacts

When Medinas teams up with hospitals, the resulting environmental savings are huge 

Often, when hospitals are no longer using a piece of equipment they either dispose of it, try to recycle/donate it, or leave it to gather dust in a store room. Some will work with an auction company to resell assets, but those auctioneers typically work on an ad hoc basis and using outdated systems, and as a result many opportunities for resale or reuse fall through the cracks.

Using Medinas’s asset disposition software, hospitals finally have the tools to efficiently track and resell their assets. This means they won’t dispose of equipment that can be reused or buy new equipment they don’t need, which reduces waste and shrinks their carbon footprint.

How big is Medinas’s impact? In a recent pilot program we conducted in Arizona, Medinas helped hospitals avoid the disposal of over 33,300 pounds of hazardous electronic waste. During the pilot, lifecycle manufacturing greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by over 60%. 

If your hospital is interested in reducing its carbon footprint, please contact us (link).