Frequently Asked Questions for Buyers

Where does the equipment on your site come from?

Nearly all of our equipment is owned by our partner hospitals. By working directly with hospitals to list their assets, rather than brokers or other intermediaries, we can ensure that all of our listings are high quality, real, and accurate. We also ensure the lowest possible price by connecting buyers directly with equipment owners.

A small percentage of our equipment comes from sources other than hospitals, such as resellers, refurbishers, recyclers, and leasing companies. Before they receive selling privileges, however, we complete an extensive background verification process to ensure that the non-hospital seller is trustworthy and will only sell high quality equipment on the platform.

We also require that all sellers, regardless of whether they are medical facilities or not, hold title to the equipment they sell.

How are you different from other sites selling pre-owned medical equipment?

Unlike our competitors, Medinas is a technology company, not a medical device company. We approach every problem by trying to find the best way to deploy a technology solution. And if such a solution doesn’t exist, we’ll build it.

We partner directly with hospitals to list their unused equipment for sale on a modern marketplace website. Every single listing on our site is real, accurate, and owned by the seller. Which is why every listing is backed by the Medinas Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee [link].

Once your offer is accepted by a Seller, we oversee the entire process of sale through delivery and inspection. And we don’t release payment to the Seller until you’re satisfied with your purchase.

Most of our competitors are legacy medical device resellers or brokers who at some point in the past added a website to their existing brokerage or auction model. They lack our expertise in the technology they’re using, which means that their websites are typically inefficient, out-of-date, and are unlikely to provide a seamless customer experience. Moreover, they don’t police “ghost” listings put up by people or companies that don’t actually own their equipment, they don’t guarantee the accuracy of their listings, and they don’t oversee the entire sales process through delivery and inspection.

Can I sell equipment on Medinas?

Right now, we are only accepting medical facilities as new sellers. These include hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, diagnostic imaging centers, and related facilities.

If you are a medical facility, you can sign up to sell right away in just two quick steps. First, if you don’t already have an account, sign up for an account, and click “I want to sell equipment.”

If you do have an account, click “Start Selling” in the upper right hand corner.

Either way, you’ll end up at our form where you can request selling privileges. All you do is choose whether to sign up for a 5 minute call or a 30 minute demo.

After you finish your call/demo and we verify that you are a medical facility, we’ll get you set up as a seller.

If you’re not a medical facility, but are instead a reseller, refurbisher, recycler, or leasing company, we grant selling privileges on a case-by-case basis. Request selling authority the exact same way we listed above, and we’ll evaluate whether it makes sense to grant your company selling privileges now or to add you to the waiting list for access when we open up the platform to a broader slice of the selling community.

How do I buy equipment in the Medinas Marketplace?

On the Medinas Marketplace, everything starts with the offer process. Once you’ve browsed our listings and found the right piece of equipment for you, you will then have the opportunity to make an offer on any piece of equipment that suits you. The other option is “buy it now” which will forgo the offer process. 

Once you’ve made an offer, the seller has the option to accept your offer as-is, reject the offer, or propose a counter offer. Once they accept your offer (or accept your revised offer after they propose a counter), the piece of equipment is yours.

You will be contacted by Medinas to set up payment and shipping. We offer several different payment methods (Wire, ACH, and credit card), and work with numerous packing and shipping companies to ensure you receive low-price, high-quality shipping.

Once we receive payment, we will green-light the shipment. You’ll receive tracking information and, depending on the shipping method you’ve selected and how far your facility is from the seller’s, the piece of equipment may arrive within a few days or shipment may take a few weeks.

To ensure that you’re satisfied, we don’t release payment to the seller until you’ve received the equipment and have had a chance to inspect it. Once you confirm that you got what you paid for and that it wasn’t damaged during shipment, we will release your payment to the seller.

Medinas acts as a third party mediator until the transaction is complete and the buyer/seller is satisfied.

Below is a step-by-step guide to the Medinas buying process.

What’s the best way to ensure that my offer is accepted?

Sellers typically have multiple offers to choose from, so it’s important to make a strong offer. There are two primary ways to do so:

      • Become a Medinas Verified Buyer [link], which lets sellers know that you’re a trusted buyer on the Medinas Marketplace, and 
      • Make a competitive offer. The Medinas Marketplace lets you see the highest current offer, which is a powerful too to let you know whether your offer is competitive.

Why should I become a Medinas Verified Buyer?

Becoming a Medinas Verified Buyer significantly increases the likelihood that a seller will choose your offer. How much? In the past 6 months, 80% of all offers accepted on the Medinas marketplace were made by Medinas Verified Buyers.

Medinas Verified Buyers also get special access to our “Buy it Now’ feature, which lets them purchase listings immediately.

Click here to learn how to become a Medinas Verified Buyer.

Can you help me calculate the shipping costs for a listing?

Absolutely. On every listing we have a “get an estimate” link.

Just click that link, fill out the form, and we’ll calculate shipping costs for you. Because each shipping request is different, please allow up to 48 hours after making a request for us to provide pricing.  

How much does it cost to sign up as a Medinas buyer?

Medinas is completely free for buyers. We get paid by our sellers when they sell assets in the Medinas Marketplace.

How long does it take for offers to get accepted?

Sellers usually accept offers within 7-10 business days. That is enough time for them to receive and review multiple offers, make counteroffers, and select the best offer.

If you have a limited timeframe and would like to speed up the process, you have two options:

      • You can limit your search to only equipment with a “Buy it now Option,” or, 
      • Use the Medinas platform to communicate with sellers directly to accelerate the offer/acceptance process.

How long will it take to receive my equipment after my offer is accepted?

You will be contacted by Medinas to make a payment within one business day. We will also help arrange shipping unless you already have a logistics provider of preference. After the payment is received it will take 7-10 business days for you to receive your equipment.

Do I have to pay sales tax on equipment I purchase on the Medinas Marketplace? What if my company is a nonprofit?

We charge sales tax in conformance with federal and state law. Nearly all of the time, that means that we charge you sales tax when you make a purchase.

If you’re a nonprofit, we just require that you provide us with your sales tax exemption certificate — once we have that in hand, we’ll make sure that the system knows you’re a nonprofit and doesn’t charge you sales tax.  

I’m a medical provider and am interested in an item that is listed in “As-is” condition. Do you provide refurbishment services or, alternatively, do you have a list of refurbishers I can contact to refurbish the equipment?

At this time, Medinas does not provide refurbishment services, nor do we have a list of Medinas-verified refurbishment companies that we can recommend. We stand behind every recommendation that we make, so until we’ve had the opportunity to vet and qualify refurbishers in every applicable modality, we will not be able to provide comprehensive refurbishment recommendations.

For that reason, we strongly recommend that medical providers only purchase refurbished equipment on the Medinas Marketplace. We want you to be happy with your Medinas purchasing experience, and we’ve found that when end-users buy as-is equipment they are often unsatisfied. As-is equipment typically needs a bit of TLC in order to maximize its remaining lifespan, and that process is best left in the hands of experienced refurbishers