Resell medical equipment with the click of a button

Recapturing value from unused clinical assets doesn’t have to be difficult. The Medinas used medical equipment marketplace uses automation and machine learning to give you the tools to make equipment reselling fast, easy, and secure.

50+ Years of Experience

We combine decades of experience in medical equipment manufacturing and sales with decades of software development to create the next generation used medical equipment marketplace.

Effortless Workflows

Intuitive software that automates the sales process, providing transparency and trust every step of the way with real-time data, updates, and access to real people whenever you need them.

1000+ items sold

From MRI’s to infusion pumps,  the Medinas used medical equipment marketplace is uniquely designed to facilitate complex transactions and help streamline your sales process. 

Software that saves you time

Instead of working with just a few customers, work with them all. Medinas simplifies the reselling workflow with intelligent search, smart listings, robust pricing data and a modern and intuitive user interface. 

  • Real-time pricing information
  • Asset valuations within 48 hours
  • Asset management & integrations

Get free price estimates on your used medical equipment.

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Curious what your equipment is worth? Not sure if you should sell it or scrap it? Text us and we’ll tell you. We just need photos and any information you have about the equipment. 



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Disposition services to complete the sale

We want to understand your needs

We understand that every healthcare organization is different, and we don't believe in a one-size fits all approach.

Our goal is to understand the individual needs of your facility so we can configure our team and services in a way that best solves your surplus problems and deliver the most optimized disposition process for you and your team.

The seven most expensive words in healthcare are, "We have always done it this way," and at Medinas we strive to create harmony between historical processes and innovative cost saving practices.

We aim to deeply understand our partners, and solve their problems in the best way possible.

We'll give you our software for free

When it comes to buying and selling pre-owned equipment and supplies, we don't think you should have to pay for savings.

We'll set you up on our disposition software for free so we can work with you to manage the entire process with full transparency. Our suite of tools will help you manage bids, get pricing quotes, generate reports, and coordinate across locations, departments, and teams.

We'll also build integrations with your existing systems so there's no disruption to your existing workflows.

We'll gather the asset details for you

We'll work with your team to gather all the necessary information to start the disposition process. You can upload literally any type of documentation and our software will parse it into asset listings to get pricing quotes.

You also have the convenient option of having our team come to your facility to conduct an inventory and valuation of the assets you're looking to sell.

Throughout the process you'll have 24/7 access to real people via live chat and by phone.

We're flexible

Medinas is one of the most flexible secondary market options available today. We're sensitive to the needs of every situation and organization, and that means bringing multiple sales options to the table so you can get the most for your surplus.

We'll outline the cost-benefits of running an auction, consignment, trade-in, or buy-sell of your assets, and help you evaluate the book value of your goods so you can decide which should be resold, donated, kept in use, or recycled.

We won't be satisfied until you know your options confidently enough to decide.

We'll source the buyers

Once your assets are in the Medinas system, we'll source multiple bids and offers so you can evaluate your best option to get value for your surplus equipment & supplies.

When speed is a priority, we'll focus on moving your goods quickly. And when maximizing return is the goal, we'll double down on finding the highest available bidder.

With more than ten years of experience in the clinical asset market, Medinas only works with a vetted network of highly trusted buyers who operate within strict regulatory standards.

We'll manage the nitty-gritty details

Automated workflows will move your contracts from buyer to seller with ease, protecting each facility's anonymity while providing official documentation for your organization's records.

Then secure payments will be transmitted and held in escrow while the assets are prepared for transit to their new destination.

Each status update will be highlighted in your Medinas dashboard.

We'll handle the heavy lifting

And lastly, Medinas will facilitate any de-installation, re-installation, PHI sanitation, refurbishment, and secure transportation required – all while maintaining detailed reporting for your records.

We employ a mix of in-house service teams and trusted third party vendors to make sure every deal is a safe and secure transaction.

Upon delivery, all payments will be released, and you'll be able to rest easy knowing that a new facility is putting your underutilized clinical assets to good use.



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